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The Eton Rifles

The Eton Rifles

The Eton Rifles

Paul Carnaby is now back in the UK after performing for the last 10 years in Benidorm in his well known Mod band Carnaby Street.

His latest and boldest project a tribute to the Jam called The Eton Rifles. Authentic, energetic and passionate they capture not just the sound but the whole ethos of The Jam whilst bringing their own uniqueness and style into the fray.

In fact it has been said that Paul Carnaby channels the young Paul Weller better than he could do himself these days. A real life passion for the music and lyrics fuses a nostalgic look back at the 80s Mod generation with something contemporary that is happening right now.

The Eton Rifles are now available for bookings throughout the UK and Europe. To get in contact message via their FB page:

You can see The Eton Rifles play next at: The Talbot, 65 Church street, Burnley, Lancashire, 17th December 2016. Free entrance from 9.30pm.