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Bulldog Films Ltd

Bulldog Films Ltd

I’m Matt Long an actor/writer/producer and company director of Norwich based film production company Bulldog Films Ltd.

In June Bulldog Films will start filming Norfolk based feature film ‘Soldiers of Embers’. This is a film that I wrote in August 2015, since then it has been through many script drafts to get where we are today. I am also playing a lead role and producing the film. Checkout www.bulldogfilms.net where you will see press releases, a radio interview and our full Promo trailer which was recently released.

Soldiers of Embers is generating a lot of interest with a great cast on-board. We have Wayne Gordon who appeared in James Bond Skyfall and was also Gladiator Doom in the Gladiators TV show. Two of the cast members, Stacey Gough and Cara Middleton have recently returned from a week in L.A where they had the chance to audition in Hollywood so there is some fantastic talent attached to this film. I also have a very experienced production team behind me who are very passionate about making the best film that we can.

Plot : Ex Para Trooper Jack Bishop is adjusting back to civilian family life whilst trying to reconnect with his teenage daughter. Whilst Jack was away fighting he felt guilty for not being around for his little girl whilst she was growing up. Soldiers of Embers follows Jack into an exciting action packed dramatic story of brotherhood and vengeance.

The film teaser trailer has been getting fantastic feedback from all over the UK, New York and Los Angeles film festivals. The main promo trailer has definitely got the interest of people in the industry all over the globe. Its good to show what us Brits can do in Indie Film.

This film is all about putting Norfolk back on the film making map as we have some fantastic locations in the region and I am trying to show that Independent film making does not need to always be London-Centric. We are obviously doing something right as Indie films of this genre do not always get this much attention in the States but we seem to be building a fantastic following overseas. An incredible amount of hard work has done into getting where we are today as there are many challenges when starting out as a new company and getting everything in place to get the project off the ground. I came across many obstacles along the way but through sheer determination and hard work and I’m pleased that we are now ready to start filming the main feature. I really want to inspire other film makers to use their creative talents and no matter how many bumps they face in the road, keep chipping away and not let anything put them off bringing their ideas to life.

Being born and bred in Norfolk it has been fantastic to see so many local businesses support this film by providing locations and props. Local businesses such as Club VuDu, Redco, Norwich City College and St Marys Church in North Tuddenham have been key to providing great locations. The people in my home city of Norwich have been fantastic and we’ve had some very enthusiastic supporting artists who have showed some real hidden talent.

I also think it is important to give back and offer opportunities in this tough industry. I have taken on make-up students from Norwich City College to work alongside an experienced make-up artist to give them valuable experience on a film set. They have done a fantastic job and learnt a lot, you can see some fantastic photos on the behind the scenes section of the website.

I’m always keen to work with new talent and businesses so if anyone thinks they can contribute to the film please get in touch. I’m always on the lookout for other filming locations, vehicles and props so always happy to network and make new contacts.




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